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Product Description

Highly concentrated, extremely effective and easy to use de-greaser. Dilute Pre-Wash as far as 1-20. For multiple uses from engines to wheels.

Our Pre-wash has an extremely effective formula, that removes contaminants with ease. Without the need for scrubbing or deteriorating your wax or sealant layers.

The gentle nature of Pre-wash makes it the perfect product for sensitive applications, such as degreasing motorcycle engines, or cleaning the lacquered door shuts and enamelled badges of classic cars.

It is also safe for use on paintwork, glass and plastic. It can also be used as a gentle cleaner to care for sealed or polished wheels.

Weight: 1.2 kg

Spray on neat for heavy soiling.

Dilute 1:4 for medium soiling.

Dilute 1:8 for light soiling and in sensitive areas such as wheels and for classic cars this is also recommended.

Simply spray Pre-wash onto the affected area and allow to dwell for several minutes. Remove the grime using fresh water from a garden hose or pressure washer.

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