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Product Description

Our pH neutral Shampoo is simple. It’s carefully blended formulation gives great cleaning abilities whilst being safe to use on paint work of all types. Approx. 20ml needed per 20L bucket, meaning extremely high efficiency and value for money. As well as a subtle scent, perfect for your detailing armoury.

Our pH Neutral shampoo, with its excellent lubrication is the perfect product to ensure a safe wash. The lubrication in the Shampoo helps decrease dirt being dragged across the paint work which causes swirl marks. With its gentle scent and high foaming properties, our Shampoo will leave your car gleaming.

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Weight: 0.7 kg

Firstly, rinse your bucket to ensure there is no grit left over from previous use (Make sure you’ve washed your wash mitt and grit guard if you have one).

Pour around 20ml of product into the bucket (Roughly one cap full) and fill with hot water if accessible but cold water is also sufficient.

Use one of our Wash Mitts to soak up the water and Shampoo.

Then, apply onto the car to safely and effectively remove the dirt.