About Polished Pigs
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About Polished Pigs

The Polished Pigs brand was forged from an enduring combination of passion and entrepreneurial drive – we are always striving to achieve that brilliant shine.

What began as two friends with a hobby, an idea and a dream has now grown into a vast and ever-growing product range. Our high quality range was bespoke designs by the directors of Polished Pigs, who after many years of trailing and testing products currently on the market, sought to create a range which would meet the needs of all cars and their rightfully perfectionist owners.

Despite competing in an increasingly competitive market, we are confident of the high quality of our products and proud of the great prices at which we can offer them. Moreover, we always seek to ensure that the customer receives a perfectly polished customer service. Our team work 7 days a week to ensure that your questions and queries are answered, and we always welcome your feedback.

It’s a very busy pig sty but one in which we love to work. We look forward to continuing to provide the market with great quality car detailing products.