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Quick Detail

After giving my car a full clean using numerous polished pigs products over a week ago, as it was a nice day I decided to give the car a top up with the quick detailer as the car was a little dusty with numerous motorway journeys and everyday driving. After a few days i am finding that the quick detailer has kept the car shining in any light and really brings out the colour! Any dust/smudges were removed with a simple wipe with a small spray of the detailer. I am very very pleased with this product, it also smells soo nice off cherrys and I highly recommend.


We are still yet to try all of the products, but the ones we have try are up there with the best of them. Very easy to use with great instructions for direction of use but what stood out for us was the shampoo. At first, we were unsure if we were seeing things as the amount of gloss and shine it gives out is incredible. We got our friend over at JDS detailing to give it a go and he was as pleased with it as us. The customer service was perfect, and they went out of their way to sort things out for us. 100% recommend these guys and we are looking forward to using their products again. Expect big things from these guys.


I used the Shampoo and then Spray Wax after the car was dry! The beading on the car now is amazing, better than any car related products I have tried before! Worth every penny!!

Luke Ward

Towel and mitt

The microfiber drying towel is amazing! Sticks onto the surface so you can just pull it all the way across and it’s totally dry 👌 Luxury microfiber mitt picks up virtually everything and rinses off easily.

Sam Lea

Competition Winner

Lovely products and really easy to use. They give the car a great glossy shine. Will definitely be using them again and can’t wait to try more of the products.

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