Fallout Remover

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Product Description

Fallout Remover, with its carefully formulated properties, allows you to safely remove any stubborn brake dust embedded on your wheels or your paintwork. Spray directly onto the contaminated area and leave to dwell, any contaminants will start to turn purple.

Rinse off promptly after colour change. Avoid using in direct sunlight and don’t allow product to dry on wheels or paint. Why would you use Fallout Remover over Wheel Cleaner?.. Fallout remover has been carefully formulated to directly tackle brake dust (caused by the breakdown of your brake pads and discs). Fallout is tiny pieces of metal that can embed themselves into your paint and wheels which a normal wheel cleaner will struggle to break down and remove.

Polished Pigs Fallout Remover safely targets and removes the stubborn pieces of shrapnel that you find on your wheels and paintwork. It will dissolve the particles before further damage or embedment may occur. It is suitable on all exterior paintwork, magnesium, aluminium, chrome, steel, glass, plastic and also rubber.

Our Fallout Remover also assists to loosen any road films, which assists further in the detailing procedure, due to the decontamination.

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Weight: 1.2 kg

Fallout Remover should be used as part of a multi-stage process. Apply Fallout Remover and within 5 minutes, the ‘bleeding’ of the product will turn purple and show you where the contamination lies whilst it is being dissolved by the product.

This is the perfect stage to incorporate in your wash routine due to the decontamination factors in Fallout Remover.. Especially before any polishing or paint sealant is carried out.