Trim Gel

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Product Description

Our Trim Gel will temporarily restore your trim back to its former glory. Easy to apply using one of our Applicator Sponges, you just apply evenly to your trim and remove any excess with a microfibre and top up where needed. Trim Gel is not a permanent product, so coats will have to be replenished depending on the gloss look required.

Our trim gel is a perfect finishing touch when detailing a car, car trims wear and tire out and often fade and you can’t stop them, our Trim gel restores them to the former glory. With a quick drying time, you can control your level of gloss as you can layer the product for more protection and a higher shine. The Product can last up to a couple months when looked after.

Weight: 1.2 kg

Make sure the trim is clean beforehand, using a Pre-Wash on if necessary or a car Shampoo.

Taking one of our sponge applicators, apply a small amount of product to one side of the sponge and work the product onto the trim.

Remove any excess, or product that’s gone onto the paint work or elsewhere with a microfibre.

Apply more layers for extra gloss effects and increased durability.