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Hybrid Wax – Cherry

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Product Description

Our latest variant of Hybrid wax is a take on our award-winning Show Wax with a few tweaks including a perfect Cherry scent. Not only does this wax provide a super wet, gloss-finish. But, it also contains a mix of new polymers which improve its durability, beading and weather resistance.



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Firstly, the car’s paintwork needs to be rid of all contaminants. We recommend using a tar remover and fallout, then going over with a clay bar to ensure the paintwork is virtually flawless.

This is when you would now polish the car, in order to bring the paint depth to life. Follow up with a quick rinse, to remove any polish residue.

Taking your wax applicator, turn it 90° in your tub which will get a fair amount of product on your applicator.

Apply product sparingly, using small overlapping strokes.

Leave for approximately 5 minutes, or the time it takes to do the next panel. Then, remove excess product with our Luxury Microfibre.