Show Wax

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Product Description

Polished Pigs Show Wax infuses classic Carnauba Wax with properties of new paint sealant technology. Made from a mixture of T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba, paint sealant technology and gloss enhancing oils, it provides an amazing high-gloss finish.

The fact that this product offers up to six months of paint protection is testament to its quality and durability. The T1 Grade Carnauba allows for remarkable water-beading, whilst the paint sealant properties help water and dirt to sheet off the paintwork. Such durability makes for an easy to maintain car.

Our distinct blend results in a mirror finish. Perfect for Show ‘n’ Shine entries no matter the weather.

Carefully formulated in the UK, our Show Wax uses Brazilian Carnauba, not to be confused with the highly controversial palm wax which is found in Asia. Carnauba can only be found in parts of South America and is ethically harvested, sustainable and economical. We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our products but also their sustainability.

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Firstly, the car’s paintwork needs to be rid of all contaminants. We recommend using a tar remover and fallout, then going over with a clay bar to ensure the paintwork is virtually flawless.

This is when you would now polish the car, in order to bring the paint depth to life. Follow up with a quick rinse, to remove any polish residue.

Taking your wax applicator, turn it 90° in your tub which will get a fair amount of product on your applicator.

Apply product sparingly, using small overlapping strokes.

Leave for approximately 5 minutes, or the time it takes to do the next panel. Then, remove excess product with our Luxury Microfibre.