Glass Sealant

From £6.69

Product Description

Polished Pigs Glass Sealant is one of the most user-friendly glass sealants on the market. As it’s not a ceramic sealant, it’s a lot easier to apply and remove. It’s also safe on paintwork and plastic trim if any cross-contamination occurs.

Glass sealant is also perfect to improve wet weather driving visibility with the water sheeting of from just 40mph.

It has been tested to last around 4-6 months depending on weather conditions and how often you clean your car. The water will start moving off your windscreen at around 40mph which massively improves driving visibility in wet weather conditions. It also minimises grime sticking to the windscreen and makes it easier to clean and de-ice

Ensure your glass is clean by using our designated Glass Cleaner to remove any contaminants from your glass.

Apply a fair amount to a microfibre pad and work the product onto the area in lines moving both ways.

Leave to cure for a few minutes and remove with a clean microfibre. If the product is stubborn to remove use a damp microfibre.

Repeat this process for even better durability and performance.


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