Interior Cleaner

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Product Description

  • Polished Pigs Interior Cleaner is a great all round product. Use it to clean fabric, upholstery, carpets, plastic and vinyl. Dilute-able up to 1:10 for use in a spray bottle or as little as 1:100 in a carpet cleaner.

Interior Cleaner is very versatile. It is suitable for cleaning fabric, upholstery, plastic and vinyl cloth. It’s great for removing stains, built-up grease or general dirt and mud from everyday use. Use it neat for any heavy soiling and stains or get one of our dilution bottles and dilute it up to 1:10 to make it go that extra further.  Even more, you can use it in a carpet cleaner at 1:100 to effectively clean fabric.

Weight: 0.6 kg

Instructions for use:

1. Shake product well.
2. Dilute if required, for tough stains use neat.
3. Spray onto affected area and agitate with
an upholstery brush.
4. Use a damp microfibre to remove product and
allow to dry.