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The Whole Hog

£230.00 £125.00

Our Whole Hog is the mighty bundle for those enthusiasts who will be using our whole range. All 12 of our products are included along with our recommended Hybrid Show Wax including all of the accessories shown.

1 x Hybrid Show Wax

1 x Snow Foam 1L

1 x Pre Wash 1L

1 x Glass Cleaner 500ml

1 x Spray Wax 500ml

1 x Fallout Remover 500ml

1 x Tar and Glue Remover 500ml

1 x Quick Detailer 500ml

1 x Wheel Cleaner 500ml

1 x Tyre Balm 500ml

1 x Trim Gel 500ml

1 x Polish 500ml

1 x Shampoo 500ml

1 x Luxury Wash Mitt

1 x Luxury Microfibre

1 x Microfibre

1 x Glass Cloth

1 x Luxury Drying Towel

1 x Wax Applicator

1 x Polish Applicator


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